Our new digital Adult Weight Management programme supports the residents of Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes, delivered online by our expert team.

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Our weight management programmes create long-lasting shifts in behaviour and give you the tools and support you need to achieve your health goals.

Am I eligible?

Our approach focuses on the importance of healthy lifestyles, education and fun without unrealistic expectations.

Am I eligible?

We are working with the Public Health – Work Place Health Team to bring our 12-week weight management programme into the workplace for the benefit of the employee and employer.

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Our MUMS2B programme focuses on balanced health behaviours with no calorie counting. Our 4MUMS programme supports you with losing weight with a strong emphasis on community support

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We work with schools to provide a flexible programme guided by the HSRS to support the delivery of PSHE.

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Our programmes are:


FLEXIBLE – our programmes are tailored to meet your needs and the needs of the group

ACCESSIBLE – face-to-face groups are held at a variety of local venues, with telephone, text Skype and online support between groups

SOCIABLE – all our programmes are delivered in a supportive, group setting

PSYCHOLOGICALLY INFORMED – we don’t tell you what to do, rather we’ll help you to understand how thoughts, emotions and feelings influence your decisions

EVIDENCE-BASED – our strong links to Leeds Beckett University mean all our programmes are based on the latest, cutting-edge research


Adult Weight Management Completer

“I feel as if I have more energy and confidence since starting the MoreLife programme”

Chris’s Story


Family Weight Management Completer

“We all know that its calories in matching calories out, but the programme made you aware of the whole picture rather than focusing on just food”

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