Take the first step towards a happier, healthier you and challenge emotional eating.

Morelife, experts in Weight management are launching two private programmes, the Emotional Eating Support Group and Coaching for Weight Management.

Morelife is now providing Emotional Eating Support Group and a Coaching for Weight Management programme. These programmes are completely original and have been developed by Morelife experts who are leaders in the field of Obesity, Weight Management and Emotional Eating.

Morelife’s therapeutic sessions have helped countless people overcome their psychological barriers to healthier lifestyles and will give you the chance to work through the underlying reasons for emotional eating.   

If you struggle with emotional eating, we have guided countless people to be free from negative eating habits and have developed a robust programme that works.

The Experts who Created this Programme

Nadine Heywood

Therapy Lead

Dr A.B. Sirin-Ayva

Clinical Lead

Dr Sophie Edwards

Clinical Director

Prof Paul Gately

Professor of Obesity

Dr Ranjana Babber

Dietetic Lead

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The Science behind the Programme

Emotional Eating
Service Evaluation

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Emotional Eating Support Group

£90 per session

Developed by specialists at Morelife, and delivered by Nadine Heywood.

✓ I don’t notice when I overeat!

✓ I eat when I’m stressed/bored

✓ I can’t control my food intake

✓ I can’t stop bingeing

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1-2-1 Coaching for Weight Management

£90 per session

Developed by specialists at Morelife, and delivered by our specialist weight management practitioners.

✓ I’ve tried it all

✓ I don’t know where to start

✓ I need regular guidance 

✓ 1-2-1 support

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