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Through years of dedicated research and hands-on experience in the field, Morelife crafted a revolutionary Weight loss strategy, seamlessly adapting it across numerous health services and global locations. 

Our hallmark technique, known as the Whole Systems Approach, stands as an international benchmark in efforts to address obesity. 

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We proudly offer our proven and incredibly effective weight loss method to communities, health systems, schools, and workplaces. With precision, we implement the necessary structures and processes, tailoring individual paths to success. Our inclusive programs tackle physical health and mental well-being, delivering an all-encompassing assistance within a warm and encouraging atmosphere.

Morelife is a subsidiary company of Leeds Beckett University, this allows university academics to work with Morelife to undertake applied obesity and healthy lifestyle research. This work to date has led to over 60 scientific articles in international journals and over 600 scientific communications.

As Co-Director of the Obesity Institute at Leeds Beckett University, Professor Gately oversaw a number of programmes.

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We have international experience in the United States (see our early research on obesity in the US). Professor Gately undertook his PhD in America where he evolved residential weight loss programmes for children and young people, where we worked for 10 years.


Through our commitment to partnership and evidence-based practice, we are continually engaged in research and best practice. Professor Gately was part of a team of academics that reported on the increasing prevalence of severe obesity among school children across 21 European Countries. This collaborative research highlights the worrying trends of severe obesity in children and young people. Prevalence of Severe Obesity among Primary School Children in 21 European Countries.

Middle East – Qatar

During 2015-2019 we worked with Qatar University, the Ministry of Health, Leeds Beckett University and Imperial College, London. This collaborative project took our tried and tested UK model and translated it with support from colleagues at Qatar University, the Ministry of Health as well as the Ministry for Education or the local Qatari population. This transformational programme worked with over 100 schools in Doha, to understand obesity rates across the city. We worked with local stakeholders to deliver a programme with a continual learning approach over a 5 year period. 

Part of our approach was to develop local capability and capacity, therefore we trained a large number of students at Qatar University, created Arabic programme manuals for children and parents including staff manuals. The evaluation showed significant improvements in our intervention groups vs our control groups with the results of the programme being published in BMC Public Health

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