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For over 26 years, Morelife has been the trailblazer in cutting-edge weight management programs in the UK and on the global stage.

Collaborating with local authorities, CCGs, ICBs, and NHS England, we empower individuals to take control of their health journeys and achieve lasting results through sustainable behaviour modifications.

Our Agile Approach

At Morelife, our clients lead the way in their health journeys and shape our programmes.

We focus on making sure our programmes are personalised,  innovative and responsive, which is why we have the best outcomes. 

Designed with a deep commitment to supporting individuals and communities on their health journeys, Morelife is the number one choice for healthier lifestyle services.  

Empowerment through Expertise

With a world-class clinical team boasting decades of experience in healthcare delivery, we set the standard for excellence in our field.

Our expertise is sought after at national and international symposiums, where we share insights, drive best practices, and consult with esteemed organisations and government agencies.

Upcoming Events and Reports

26th-29th June
International Congress on Obesity
Binge Eating Report

Building Trust through Reputation

Our proven track record is grounded in evidence-based practices and client-centered care. We pride ourselves on tailoring our services to meet individual needs, consistently surpassing expectations and fostering enduring partnerships.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our long standing successes and unwavering dedication to both clients and stakeholders.

With a focus on inclusivity and empowerment, we are dedicated to creating a healthier and more equitable society for all.

Our services are designed to be accessible to diverse audiences, following WCAG or NICE guidelines where required and offering multilingual support in 70 languages.

Hear our Experts Talk about Issues that Count

The Whole Systems Approach
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Professor Paul Gately

January 15th, 2020

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Tackling Childhood
Obesity on BBC Breakfast


Professor Paul Gately

December 12th, 2017

6 minutes 55 seconds

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Our programmes boast unparalleled success in supporting clients to achieve their health objectives.

At Morelife, our dedication to delivering top-tier care access, alongside streamlined best practices, positions us as the premier choice for NHS healthcare providers.

NHS Programmes

Tier 2 Weight Management

Morelife offers an extensive Tier 2 weight management programme designed to support individuals in their pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.

Our highly experienced and qualified practitioners deliver personalised assistance through online sessions and in-person consultations, empowering clients to transform their attitudes toward food and adopt a more health-conscious approach to living.

The programmes, underpinned by scientific research and findings from Leeds Beckett University provide enduring success in weight management.

Tier 3 Weight Management

Morelife delivers benchmark Tier 3 weight management services. Our science-powered 12-week programme is expert-led and has proven to drive sustainable weight loss.

We also provide a range of clinical pathway options, including pharmaceutical treatments, dietetic and psychological support, and bariatric surgery referrals.

Morelife takes a holistic psychologically informed approach to empower clients to make lasting changes for a healthier and happier life.

Digital Weight Management

Morelife provides a rigorous 12-week ‘My Life Plan’ programme, validated by clinical research and conducted in collaboration with Leeds Beckett University.

‘My Life Plan’ is a pioneering digital solution tailored for adults struggling with obesity, integrating psychologically informed weight management strategies, nutritional guidance, peer community support, interactive webinars, and a dedicated helpdesk.

Family Weight Management

Morelife’s Tier 2 & Tier 3 Children’s programme is specially designed to assist children aged 4-17 and their families in cultivating a healthy lifestyle.

Our family-centered initiatives offer engaging activities that encourage well-being and living life to the fullest. Our Tier 3 offer includes specialist family therapy, dietetic support with selective and disordered eating and medical review of obesity-related comorbidities.

The programme incorporates enjoyable games like dodgeball, football, and badminton, alongside educational sessions on healthy eating habits, interpreting food labels, and preparing nourishing meals for your family.

Maternity & New Parents

Morelife recognises the individuality of body shapes before, during, and post-natal. Our objective is to provide optimal care and guidance for expectant mothers and their infants, free from bias.

We offer maternity weight management programmes that support pregnant women and their partners from preconception to postpartum stages, centering around fostering healthy habits and mitigating the risks of diabetes.

Smoking Cessation

At Morelife, we offer a comprehensive suite of smoking cessation services overseen by expert professionals, catering to private clients and healthcare providers.

Our range includes in-person, digital, telephone, and face-to-face sessions, addressing both cessation and harm-reduction strategies. Our services feature a meticulously tailored induction process aligned with NICE guidelines.

To date, since we started our programmes in 2018, we have had 9849 clients successfully quit smoking.

Maternal Healthy Lifestyles

Morelife is excited to introduce you to our new Maternal Healthy Lifestyles service for pregnant people, our programme is taking place in Salford. This service is designed to work alongside the local maternity offer.

We provide 6 sessions, 3 prior to the birth and 3 post-natal, in addition to the option to attend friendly drop-in sessions at local community venues.

Health Coaching

Morelife is proud to deliver Health Coaching as one of its newer services for both NHS and private clients. 

Our highly skilled health coaches efficiently guide and coach individuals toward enhancing their performance and attaining their objectives, be it overall health or a specific area and can be very effective for clients with a range of complex needs.

This innovative service aims to empower clients to enhance their quality of life by enabling them to live well, feel better, and relish life to the fullest. 

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