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Our History

We’ve been around for quite some time now, born out of Leeds Beckett University in 1999 as Carnegie Weight Management. Founded by Professor Paul Gately, one of the UK’s most respected experts in obesity and exercise, Morelife’s heritage is anchored in its research and academic philosophy. We are a subsidiary company of Leeds Beckett University which ensures we are supporting our clients through cutting-edge research.

With an initial aim of tackling obesity in children (still a fundamental pillar of our business), we then expanded our service to adults, young people and families. We have continued to evolve and have branched out to other lifestyle-related support services (smoking cessation, physical activity, healthy eating…).

In addition, not only are we delivering lifestyle services to individuals but our expertise has been utilised by Leeds Beckett University as part of its Public Health England 3-year pioneering programme ‘Whole System Approach to Obesity’ that seeks to give local authorities the skills, knowledge, tools and confidence to function in a whole systems way. This is strongly aligned with our expertise in supporting individuals and organisations to change and become more healthy!

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