Feel happier, more confident, improve your health AND lose weight. 

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Weight Management in Sheffield

Morelife are proud and excited to be working with Sheffield City Council to provide free local weight management support across Sheffield.

We have been delivering weight management and healthy lifestyle interventions for over 25 years and are now honoured to be delivering programmes through our expert level clinicians and advisors to Sheffield locals.

Not only are we well-seasoned experts at providing weight management programmes nationwide, but we have also been instrumental in some of the most important Obesity research in the UK.

What our Experts say about Obesity

Why the UK is heading towards having Europe’s highest obesity rate
Paul Gately - Obesity UK
Professor Paul Gately:
Whole Systems
Approaches to Obesity

Goals of the Programme

Anxiety Reduction

Weight Loss

Mood Improvement

Available on the NHS
Cost Free

Weight Loss

Wherever you are on your journey, we are there with you. Morelife runs an Intensive 12-week programme which with a huge impact on long-term health outcomes. Our psychologically informed approach helps clients feel happier, more confident, improve their health AND lose weight. 

Mood Improvement

Our programmes are designed for more than simple weight loss. With specialist weight management practitioners, we support our clients to improve their overall well-being and take control of their lives. The ongoing support and steps that you take towards better health with have a positive effect on your mood.

Anxiety Reduction

By developing skills to change your behaviour and change your nutrition, alongside being more proactive in your weight management journey, many clients of ours report they have a significant reduction in their anxiety levels. 

Our Available Services

Tier 2 Weight Management

12-week programme available in the community and online.

Family Weight Management

Our Childrens programme supports children aged 4-17 and their families in managing a healthy lifestyle.

Training for Professionals

Book half or full-day training sessions with the Morelife Team.

Marc’s Story

Marc joined Morelife at 128kg, because of his weight he felt breathless and struggled to find clothes that fit him. He had lost weight in the past with Slim Fast and The Cambridge Diet but felt they were only a short-term fix.

With Morelife he was analysing his eating habits and addressing why he ate the way he did; beginning to understand why he ate the way he did. As a result, he lost 45.5kg or 7.1 stone!

“I feel good about myself; I now wear 36-inch jeans and a large t-shirt. This has given me great confidence.”

Louise’s Story

Before joining Morelife, Louise felt stuck in her habits and needed motivation to make changes to her lifestyle. 

When Louise was referred to Morelife by her GP, she felt welcomed by her group and enjoyed being around like-minded people. 

Louise successfully lost 4st 9lbs on the Morelife programme.

“The programme has given me the tools to make my day-to-day life easier.”