Tier 2 Adult Weight Management

The Morelife 12-week, group programme offers a psychologically-informed model. Each session lasts for one and a half hours with a 30-minute drop-in before or after.

Each week you’ll focus on a different topic. These range from learning about nutrition and portion sizes to understanding the importance of sleep.

Our practitioners don’t tell people what to do, instead, you will be guided and supported to understand how thoughts, emotions and feelings influence decisions. We’ll help you to develop strategies to make healthier choices, cope with setbacks and manage specific triggers like stress.

What’s Included?

Find effective weight management strategies, nutritional insights, peer support and follow the 12-week programme.

You can do this in person or online. Dig into obesity reduction tools that are tailored to you.


Selfcare & Stress Management

Emotional & Social Eating

Understanding Food Labels

Introducing Physical Activity

What they say about Morelife

"I’m just feeling better and better.
I’m really proud of how far I’ve come."
"We all have good weeks and bad weeks.
But now I’ve lost the weight, I’m never going back."
"The programme has given me the tools to make my day-to-day life easier.
I now have the confidence to live a healthier life."


•  Closed groups the first 12 weeks, open groups in the 9 monthly, up to 18 people all working towards the same goal
•  Facilitated by a kind practitioner who wants you to do what works for you and feel your best
•  The sessions are structured with a review of progress at the start, delivery of the content and then goal setting. Breakout rooms and discussions will happen throughout the session
•  Everyone is in a similar boat and will have experienced similar things – groups are inclusive and non-judgmental
•  People are not picked on although they may be asked how their week has been and to set a goal at the end of the session

•  Supportive, sharing struggles, successes, hints and tips
•  Seeing familiar faces in a familiar space
•  Knowing the structure of the sessions and what is encouraged from you
•  Understanding the issues faced by the group and their impact on routines
•  It is a safe space to share and ask questions, not just with the professional but with others in the same position as yourself
•  A place to celebrate or laugh about shared experiences that you can relate to or things that might not make sense to people not in the same situation
•  A place to sit and absorb what is being discussed, maybe to write down and reflect on later

Up to 1 hour 30 minutes.

Either face-to-face in a venue that  is the closest to you or online via the free video platform, Zoom.

Monday to Thursday at either 10am, 1pm or 6pm.

•  No, you do not need to have your camera on. However, we will encourage you to have it on to help you engage with the programme more and help gain better results
•  Practitioners will ask how you feel about being in a group, so you can advise them
•  Practitioners can make adjustments to make you feel more comfortable, such as talking you through the session, having the camera off early on or inviting you into the session early to help you settle

All information that is mentioned in the groups is confidential (unless you are at risk of immediate harm).