Weight Management

Expert Case Review

“”I’m definitely going to keep going as I’m just feeling better and better.” “
“”I’m really proud of how far I’ve come” “

Craig, 50, from Manchester, felt isolated and unsure where to start on his weight loss journey. With the help of the MoreLife team, he was able to start changing his life and improve his physical and mental health.

It took me a while to notice how much my weight was impacting my life. I didn’t even realise I was putting weight on, but then I began to feel different. I was always in a low mood and didn’t want to leave the house. Some days I didn’t even open the blinds. I struggled to get up from a chair and would spend a lot of time in bed. I felt uncomfortable all the time. I wanted to break the cycle of feeling isolated and stuck inside the house. I had to admit that I needed help.

I went to the hospital to have some assessments and they were struggling to do the procedures due to my weight – I felt embarrassed telling the hospital staff how much I weighed. My GP told me about MoreLife, and I decided to go for it. I felt ready to start making changes. My main motivation was my family and improving my mental health. I didn’t just want to make these changes for other people though, I wanted to lose the weight for me.

I’ve never been on a weight management programme before. I thought I would end up sitting in a group and being told what I should and shouldn’t eat. MoreLife wasn’t like that at all, I came out of the first session feeling pleasantly surprised and motivated to get going.

I really enjoyed the group interaction and the approach my practitioner, Balazs, had. He explained about setting small goals and making small changes over time. Nothing was forced, I was given the information and tools and support I needed at the sessions. There was also support between the sessions to help me put the changes I wanted into place.

At first, I was nervous about the group sessions. I didn’t turn my camera on or speak but as the weeks went on, I felt more confident to participate and not feel judged. I enjoyed hearing other people’s experiences in the groups. Listening to the changes they were making in their lives helped me feel more confident with my changes.

The MoreLife team helped me make lots of healthy lifestyle changes. I started eating regular meals, using lean meat and more vegetables. I also cut down on bread and sugars. I got a new scooter, so I was able to get out of the house more to see my family. I’m trying to find more reasons to be active when previously I would find excuses to stay in bed.

I feel better, both physically and mentally. I’ve changed how I think about food and eating, and my relationship with food has improved so much. I have recently joined the local Physical Activity Referral scheme and I’m walking better; I’m in a lot less pain now.

I’m confident that I can keep the weight off. I have gone through so much attending all the sessions and listening to everyone in the group. I’m really proud of how far I’ve come, and I’m definitely going to keep going as I’m just feeling better and better.

Craig lost over three stone during his time with the MoreLife programme. He’s excited to keep going with his health journey and is grateful to their team for all their support in helping him get this far.

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Craig: before

Craig: after