Family Weight Management

Our healthy lifestyle programme supports children aged 4-17 years old and their families. Our programmes encourage children and young people who are above a healthy weight to eat healthier, move more and feel better.

Our fun-filled and family-focused programmes are filled with exciting activities that will make your whole family feel healthier and happier.

This course also gives you a chance to get involved, we’ll help your whole family build a healthy relationship with food and learn more about the importance of looking after our minds and our bodies.

Why Join a Morelife Family Programme?

Delicious and nutritious recipes you'll love

Exciting activities

Physical activities suitable for the whole family 

Practical healthy eating tips and advice

Meet other like-minded families

Ongoing support from our practitioners
and nutritionists

What will I be doing?

We play lots of fun games and activities like dodgeball, football, badminton and more!

Learn about healthy eating, reading food labels and me-sized meals

Learn how to cook nutritious meals for the whole family

Connecting with like-minded families

Understand how to self-care and prioritise your well-being

Science and Storytelling

At Morelife Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes, we understand there’s more to health than weight, and there is more to weight than cutting portions and working out.  Our programme explores lots of different elements that make up a healthy lifestyle.

We’ve combined science with storytelling. It helps keep children focused on the course and remember what they’ve learnt in a fun and engaging way.

Our one-of-a-kind programme is unique, with its mix of online support and physical activities. You and your children can learn more about healthy lifestyles in your local area while getting involved from the comfort of your own home.

What they say about Morelife

"My favourite activity was tennis.
I went every week and didn't miss a single class."​
Sid, Manchester
"This place is amazing, you get to play games & learn stuff you may not have known. You get to make friends with people that have the same difficulties."
Isabelle, Bedford
"I am so grateful and really appreciate everyone’s efforts towards the wellbeing of my son. Morelife restored hope.”