NHS England Digital Weight Management

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Morelife is proud to have been chosen by NHS England as one of the providers of its new Digital Weight Management programme.

Our 12-week ‘Managing My Weight’ programme is driven by scientific evidence and clinical research from Leeds Beckett University to support you in managing your weight and improving your health and well-being from the comfort of your own home.

We deliver a series of online videos, podcasts and other interactive resources produced by our expert team of weight management dietitians. This nationwide programme is free and available from your GP.


My Life Plan

My Life Plan helps you bring about real and long-lasting changes through a proven, science-powered programme that starts by understanding you.

This is a free digital programme for adults living with obesity and either hypertension or diabetes, or both.

Learn about the psychology of weight management

Develop and maintain healthy eating behaviours

Nutritional tips
and healthy

Peer group support and webinars by our expert dietitians

Helpdesk to
answer all your questions

You Said, We Did!

More choice

We introduced new
pathways to personalise
your weight loss journey.

Ways to Track Your Weight Loss Journey​

We added a new personalised goal-setting section, so you
can track your progress.

Better System Performance​

We received a customer satisfaction rating of 4.2 for
our HelpDesk response time.

More Availability ​

Our system stability
score is 99.9%

What they say about Morelife

"I’m just feeling better and better.
I’m really proud of how far I’ve come."
"We all have good weeks and bad weeks.
But now I’ve lost the weight, I’m never going back."
"The programme has given me the tools to make my day-to-day life easier.
I now have the confidence to live a healthier life."


It is a 12-week programme with each week having a series of videos to help you on your weight loss journey. All you have to do is watch the videos each week and pick and choose which video you want to apply to your lifestyle.

You access the weekly videos by going to ‘menu’ in the top toolbar then clicking on ‘continue course’ then simply watch the video, scroll down and watch the next one.

The programme starts when you first log on to My Life Plan. The videos will unlock weekly from the day when you first accessed the programme, and you will receive emails each week to tell you more content is available.

Outside of the weekly videos My Life Plan has a variety of resources including recipes, fitness videos and a wide selection of information sheets all found in the resources section on the programme. It also has a food diary where you can log your food daily, you can use this to help you track your calories or simply as a mindfulness tool to help you understand your eating habits. Additionally, there is a thought diary to help you explore the reasons for your eating habits.

The session with the dietitians are tailored to you and what you want to explore with the dietitian whether it is dietary advice, help with habit building or physical activity the dietitians are there to help you build up healthy habits over time by focusing on achievable goals.

If you are experiencing a technical issue then please click on the ‘?’ bubble at the bottom of the page on My Life Plan and you will be able to send a support ticket to the technical team.

If you want to learn more about NHS England’s Digital Weight Management programme, then click here.