Weight Management

We are the leading provider of weight management services in the UK. Why? Because we listen to you.

All of our programmes are created to suit your needs and are based on many years of experience.

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Tier 3 Weight Management

Our Tier 3 Service supports you to achieve a healthier weight and improve your overall well-being. 

Our psychologically informed programme covers topics such as mindful eating and self-care but also provides practical support on increasing physical activity, a balanced diet and food labelling.

Tier 2 Weight Management

The Morelife 12-week, group programme offers a psychologically-informed model. Each session lasts for one and a half hours with a 30-minute drop-in before or after.

Each week you’ll focus on a different topic. These range from learning about nutrition and portion sizes to understanding the importance of sleep.

NHS Digital Weight Management

Our NHS Digital Weight Management Programme is part of a national programme. 

Our fully digital weight management programme helps you lose weight through a series of online videos, podcasts and helpful resources. 

Obstetric Weight Management

We offer a range of maternity weight management programmes, supporting pregnant women, and their partners from pre-pregnancy to post-partum. 

Our flexible programmes focus on healthy behaviours and reducing the risk of diabetes.

Family Weight Management

Our fun-filled and family-focused programmes are filled with exciting activities that will make your whole family feel healthier and happier. 

Learning Disability Pilot

A Weight Management Programme designed to help people living with learning disabilities to improve their health and wellbeing.