Obstetric Weight Management

At Morelife we understand everyone’s body shape is different before, during and after pregnancy. 

Don’t worry, we are not here to judge you – We want to provide you with the best care and advice for you and your baby. 

We offer a range of maternity weight management programmes, supporting pregnant women and their partners from pre-birth to post-partum. Our flexible programmes focus on healthy behaviours and reducing the risk of diabetes. 


If you are thinking about becoming pregnant, this is a great time to start thinking about making changes to your diet and lifestyle.  

If you are pregnant – Congratulations! 

This is not a time to diet or lose weight, but a good time to look after yourself and your baby by eating healthy and keeping active.

Our friendly team with help you make simple changes to your diet and lifestyle and ensure your body is best prepared for pregnancy.

Access a minimum of four 20-minute 1-2-1 phone consultations with a variety of time slots available throughout the week. Our flexible appointments can be done over the phone with your MUMS2B practitioner and will normally be around 20 minutes.

Choose from a variety of topics you would like to learn about and to suit your personal needs.

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Postpartum Depression

Postpartum Psychosis

Family Mental Health

Foods to

Looking After Mum & Baby


The focus of the 4MUMS programme is on postnatal weight loss and prevention of Type 2 Diabetes (particularly for those who had Gestational Diabetes). This programme runs alongside our 12-week Adult Weight Management Programme.

4MUMS is open for mums up to 24 months after giving birth with a BMI of 27.5 or above. The programme includes four additional 1-2-1 sessions with a Weight Management Practitioner and you will also receive your own interactive E-Pack.

Maternal Healthy Lifestyles

Our new Maternal Healthy Lifestyles Service for pregnant people, has been taking place in Salford. This new service works alongside the maternity support programme.

We provide 6 sessions, 3 prior to the birth and 3 post-natal, in addition to the option to attend friendly drop-in sessions at local community venues. 

What they say about Morelife

"I now feel confident in managing my weight post-pregnancy"​
Michaela, Manchester
"The MoreLife team have been super supportive. I would highly recommend joining the programme if you are an expecting mother".​
Jade, Milton Keynes