Tier 3 Specialist Adult Weight Management

Our Tier 3 Specialist Adult Weight Management Service supports you to achieve a healthier weight and improve your overall well-being. 

Our psychologically informed programme covers topics such as mindful eating and self-care but also provides practical support on increasing physical activity, a balanced diet and food labelling.

We aim to empower you to lead a happy and healthy life, embedding positive lifestyle habits that fit in with your day-to-day life. 

What’s Included?

We’ll help you better understand your relationship with food and provide you with the knowledge and support you need.

Weekly sessions last for 90 minutes and focus on topics such as:

You’ll have a dedicated weight management practitioners to support you on your journey.  

Our science-powered 12-week weight loss programme helps you lose weight and our monthly maintenance sessions help you keep the weight off for good. 


Selfcare & Stress Management

Emotional & Social Eating

Understanding Food Labels

Introducing Physical Activity

Clinical Pathway Options

In addition, our clinicians have enabled us to create and implement a variety of patient pathway options including:

Pharmaceutical treatments

Psychological Support

(including 1-2-1 therapy and guided self-help)

Preparing for Bariatric surgery

What they say about Morelife

"Morelife didn't just tell me how to lose weight, they also
helped me understand my relationship with food."
"Morelife helped me to feel stronger, to be able to believe in
myself and lose weight when I believed I couldn't"
"The changes I made ultimately got me the results I wanted.
Making these changes didn't feel like a chore, so I know I can keep going."


For online sessions, you will be required to send your weight monthly ahead of your session.

Joining a new group gives you the opportunity to learn from and share with others that
have been through the first 12 weeks like yourselves.
Everyone receives the same content over the course of 9 months, everyone does each
session once.

The change from weekly to monthly helps empower you to continue the changes you’ve made whilst still having support from your practitioner.

By keeping up with what you’ve learnt in the first 12 weeks:
•  Reviewing your goals every 1-2 weeks
•  Keeping a food diary
•  Monitoring your activity levels

By reviewing your goals every 1-2 weeks, and actively working on the goals you’ve set. Keeping a food diary/exercise diary/thought diary and revisiting content between sessions will give you accountability, refresh your knowledge and help you with setting future goals.

Once per calendar month.

Once you have completed the programme it is down to you to use the tools (handbook, recap email, resources, physical activity) you have learnt over the 12 months with Morelife, and to continue with the lifestyle changes you’ve made to reach your goals. If you are on the bariatric pathway and have achieved the 3 criteria, you will have a review call for bariatric surgery. If you are on this pathway, you will be informed by your practitioner.

We revisit some of the topics covered in the first 12 weeks to refresh your knowledge and reflect on your progress and the behaviour change that has occurred.

We cover a variety of topics including nutrition-based information.

No, we do not have structured weekly calls, we meet once per month and there will be information to recap in the summary emails and in the handbook. However, if you need additional support or advice (e.g., food diary), you can arrange this with your practitioner.

In some cases, to aid weight loss, we can prescribe Orlistat. However, further information can be found by speaking to your practitioner.
We do have cut-off points for the prescribing of medication, which is handled on a case-by-case basis.

To be reviewed for bariatric surgery you need to meet all of the below criteria:
•  Achieve a 5% weight loss
•  Engage with the programme (attend 80% of sessions)
•  Attend 2 bariatric information sessions
You can discuss this further with the practitioner too.

If you cannot attend a session, please inform your practitioner in advance. The Attendance Policy states that: if you do not attend on two occasions and do not let us know or if you miss three sessions in total (even if you let us know), then you could potentially be removed from service, and it may affect your place on the programme. We appreciate that individual circumstances may vary so if you cannot make a session, please let your practitioner know in advance via phone/text/email.

If you feel the 12 weeks gave you enough information and do not wish to continue with the monthly phase, you can let your practitioner know to discharge you. If you want bariatric surgery then attendance to the monthly phase is mandatory.