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Managing My Weight Programme
““This is what I’ve been looking for””
“”The MoreLife programme helped me change my mindset and relationship with my body” “

Zena, 48, was tired of fad diets and quick fixes. She wanted to make changes but needed help. MoreLife’s Managing My Weight Programme showed her how she could change her whole life.

I’ve never believed in those fad diets or quick fixes. They promise so much but I knew they never worked. I had been slowly putting on weight for years and wanted to make changes. I knew I needed a structure in place to help guide me along my weight loss journey but couldn’t find a programme that was right for me.

Through a newsletter at the hospital I worked for, I found out about the NHS Digital Weight Management Programme and found MoreLife. It immediately stuck out to me. “Finally,” I thought, “This is what I’ve been looking for.”

The programme explains the rules of weight loss – eat healthily and get active – but it showed me how I could easily fit these rules into my own lifestyle. I didn’t feel restricted. I felt completely in control of how I would start changing my life.

I concentrated on eating healthy and exercising during the week and allowed myself to relax over the weekends.

The MoreLife programme helped me change my mindset and relationship with my body. I no longer feel guilty or anxious if I have a day off from my healthy routine. This course gave me the freedom to enjoy life but also the confidence that I could keep maintaining healthy habits. It focused on making positive changes.

During my time on this course, I lost the NHS recommended 5% of my body weight but I know this is only the beginning.

The programme’s structure was just what I needed. It was so useful and easy for me to start making lifestyle changes. I’m still losing weight slowly and steadily. The best thing is I know it’s going to stay off.

As the weight comes off, the better I feel. I’m getting fitter and finding it easier to exercise more, sleep better and generally be more productive. I’m enjoying my life so much more.

I can’t stress enough that this course is not a quick fix. Instead, MoreLife helped me give the tool I need to make sustainable changes that will last. I can’t recommend it enough.

During her time with MoreLife, Zena lost 5.56% of her body weight. Her starting weight was 89.8kg and her end weight was 84.8kg. She’s confident in continuing her weight loss journey.

Zena: before

Zena: after