Weight Management

Expert Case Review

“I’m confident I can keep the weight off because I’ve made sustainable changes”
“I no longer feel trapped in a cycle of guilt or shame”

Caroline, 34, from Manchester, felt trapped in a cycle of restrictive weight loss programmes and guilt cycles. With the help of MoreLife and Saxenda, she completely changed her relationship with food and her body.

I used to feel like the world wasn’t made for me. Chairs in restaurants were too small. I could never find clothes I liked. I felt like people would take one look at me and assume I was lazy because of my weight. This impacted me in pretty much every element of my life. From my friendships and career to my marriage and parenting. I didn’t have the confidence to be myself or do the things I wanted to do.

I was determined to make changes!

Thankfully, my weight had never impacted my health, but the warning signs were there. My blood pressure was creeping up, my cholesterol wasn’t where it should be. At 34, it wasn’t too late to fix things, but I had to start making changes. My biggest motivation for my weight loss was that I didn’t want to leave my two children without their mum. I didn’t want to miss out on their weddings or having grandchildren.

My GP referred me to MoreLife. It was so different from other weight loss programmes I had tried, and I had tried a lot of them. MoreLife wasn’t restrictive, I was never told I couldn’t have a certain food. I was able to enjoy the foods I liked within moderation and make more mindful decisions about what I ate. I was invited to explore the psychology behind my eating habits.

With the support of my practitioner Bev, I calorie counted with a reasonable target that I was given based on the 1-2lb loss a week. I made it work with my lifestyle, work, and family.

” Ultimately it’s not a miracle drug, it requires hard work”

It wasn’t a race to lose weight, but a slow and steady journey. I haven’t felt like giving up because it doesn’t feel like I’ve got anything to give up. I’ve made effective lifestyle changes that have made such a big difference.

I have lost 16.4 kilos since my time with MoreLife. Before MoreLife, I was diagnosed with Fatty Liver Disease. During a recent Fibroscan, they discovered my fatty liver had been reversed and my levels were within normal ranges. Plus, my serum ALT levels within blood tests had dropped by around 75%.

During my time with MoreLife, I was also prescribed the weight loss treatment Saxenda. I took this because I wanted the best possible chance of success. I did my research beforehand and decided it was worth it. Ultimately, it’s not a miracle drug. It requires hard work, and that work came through my own actions, supported by MoreLife.

Attending MoreLife has benefited my emotional wellbeing, alongside my physical health. I no longer see food as good or bad, food is simply fuel. Letting go of these labels has helped heal my relationship with food and improved my relationship with myself and my body. I no longer feel trapped in a cycle of guilt or shame.

Months after my time with MoreLife, I’ve not gained weight. I’m confident I can keep the weight off because I’ve made sustainable changes. It was daunting to move on when I finished the programme, but I knew I had a whole range of tools and strategies to support me in the next part of the journey. The WhatsApp group chat has been a major source of motivation.

The MoreLife team were just amazing. I have felt such a huge source of support at every level, and it’s made such a difference. Everyone really cares about each individual and helping them to be the healthiest person they can be.

Caroline’s starting weight was 136.8 kg and her end weight was 130kg. In the months after her time on the MoreLife programme, Caroline lost a further 10 kg and her current weight is 120.4kg. The next part of her healthy journey is to start getting more active.

Caroline: before

Caroline: after