Morelife People

Professor Paul Gately


Dr George Sanders

Head of Systems Implementation, Evaluation & Innovation

Dr Sophie Edwards

Clinical Director

Vivienne Melville

Head of Finance

Kathryn Marshall

Clinical Governance Manager

Grant Westermann

Digital Projects & Systems Manager

James Roast

Clinical Implementation Specialist & Consultant Psychotherapist

Dr A.B. Sirin-Ayva

Clinical Lead

Michelle Aldous

Head of Contract Management

Grace Shiplee

Contract Manager – Bedford Borough & Milton Keynes, Cambridgeshire & Peterborough

Emily Costelloe

Contract Manager – Camden & Islington, South & West Essex

Rebecca Hellyer

Contract Manager – Greater Manchester, Sheffield

Ryan D’ Cruz

Contract Manager – Hounslow

Victoria Simpson

NHSE Contract Manager and Data Reporting Strategy Coordinator

Dr Ranjana Babber

Dietetic Lead

Dr Rupy Kaur

Psychological Support Lead

Ben Stoker

Partnership & Engagement Lead

Keisha Chauhan

Specialist Weight Management Dietitian