NHS Digital Weight Management Programme

MoreLife is a registered provider of the NHS Digital Weight Management Programme; offering remote weight management support for people living with obesity.

Ask your GP about the NHS Digital Weight Management Programme

Managing My Weight helps you bring about real and long lasting changes through a proven, science powered programme that starts by understanding you.

This is a free digital programme for adults living with obesity and either hypertension or diabetes, or both.

Learn about the psychology of weight management

Develop and maintain healthy eating behaviours

Nutritional tips and healthy recipes

Peer group support and webinars by our expert dietitians

Helpdesk to answer all your questions

So How Does It Work?

Think of our 12-week programme as your virtual toolkit, with everything you need for a healthier and happier you. Each week, you will gain access to a series of videos, activity sheets, podcasts and quizzes, a facility to log your weight and additional content such as recipes and useful websites

I've done it lost 7kg - 1 stone in 13 weeks, so happy, thank you MoreLife for getting me to this stage, I just want to keep going now!

Christina Thompson

I have just completed this course and have lost 12lbs since starting. I am overjoyed! If you keep going the plan works. Good luck everyone. Thank you MoreLife for the help I received during the course.

Lindsey Holmes

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