It’s National Allotment Week and this planted a question in our heads. How easy it is to grow your own veg?

Growing your own vegetables comes with lots of benefits, from doing your bit to help out the planet to helping you save money on your next supermarket shop. Rest assured, you don’t have to be gifted with a green thumb to give it a go.

Whether you’ve got access to an allotment, your very own back garden, or perhaps even just some pots in the kitchen, there are plenty of ways you can grow your own vegetables. So where should you start?


Let’s begin with beetroots. They can be super simple to grow as they need very little soil and will be ready to harvest in a few weeks. This makes them popular for beginners. Remember to spread the seeds apart to give them room to grow. Aim for about 10cm. Beetroot bonus: this root vegetable is packed full of nutrients. Serve it as soup, in a salad, or on its own as a side – it will taste that much better knowing you’ve grown it yourself.

Beetroot on wooden background
sliced courgette on chopping board


Courgettes are another popular vegetable for those new to growing their own. With a courgette, you can do a little and get a lot in return. A few seeds will produce a lot of veg. They take up a lot of room so you don’t need to plant too many. Plus, they grow quickly so you go from sowing to eating within six weeks. There are a couple of different methods you can try to grow your own courgettes. They grow particularly well in summer, perfect to create some tasty, seasonal, salads.


Peas are a particularly great option if you’ve got little ones in your home. They can get involved in the growing process and enjoy the taste of their efforts. It will take roughly two months between growing and eating. While you don’t much space to plant peas, you’ll need to get a stick to help them climb up. Pick them fresh and enjoy that wonderfully sweet taste. Remember to keep picking your peas to keep new ones growing.

Peas with wooden background
Lettuce leaves in a bowl

Salad Leaves

Wave goodbye to buying bags of salad at the supermarket and worrying about it wilting before you get to eat it. There are plenty of salad leaves you can grow yourself. Lettuce, land cress, and rocket are all simple to grow. You can cut your salad leaves regularly and they’ll keep on re-growing, so you can enjoy freshness all year round. Salad leaves are great to grow if you’re lacking in space, as you can simply plant them in pots in your kitchen.

What might deem a daunting task at first could potentially become a new hobby for you. The more comfortable you get with growing your own vegetables, the more you can try. Which one do you reckon you’ll start with?

Eating vegetables is an important part of a balanced, diet. Here at MoreLife, we want you to have a good relationship with food. You can read our tips for simple ways to get healthier.

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