In anticipation of the Government’s new plan for obesity, the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity have developed a Top 10 Policy Wish List which will help support those living with obesity.

The APPG believe that by enacting each of these policies, the Government will reduce obesity levels, improve the lives of those living with the condition, and help prevent severe illness caused by patients with obesity who had COVID-19.

Download the full statement below, or visit the Obesity APPG website here.

  • Implement Childhood Obesity Plans and Prevention Green Paper
  • Encourage healthy choices
  • Create a ‘whole-systems approach’
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Draw on the learnings from previous policy initiatives
  • Ensure accountability
  • Healthcare professionals education and training
  • Incentivise GPs
  • Equitable access to weight management services
  • Access to surgery

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