Maternity Weight Management

At Morelife we understand everyone’s body shape is different before, during and after pregnancy. 

Don’t worry, we are not here to judge you – We want to provide you with the best care and advice for you and your baby. 

We offer a range of maternity weight management programmes, supporting pregnant women and their partners from pre-birth to post-partum. Our flexible programmes focus on healthy behaviours and reducing the risk of diabetes. 

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Michaela, Manchester

Michaela joined MoreLife because she wanted to improve her diet and activity levels in preparation for baby number 3. 

She benefited from sharing stories with like-minded women and learning more about a healthy balanced diet. 

"I now feel confident in managing my weight post-pregnancy"


Pre-pregnancy and Pregnancy

If you are thinking about becoming pregnant, this is a great time to start thinking about making changes to your diet and lifestyle.  

If you are pregnant – Congratulations! This is not a time to diet or lose weight, but a good time to look after yourself and your baby by eating healthy and keeping active.

Our friendly team with help you make simple changes to your diet and lifestyle and ensure your body is best prepared for pregnancy.

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Once you’ve had your baby and if you feel ready to, gentle exercise and healthy eating are important for the whole family.

Our programme encourages new mums to eat healthily, improve their mood and move more up to 24 months after giving birth. 


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Jade, Milton Keynes

Jade was above a healthy weight and felt anxious about feeding herself and her baby.

Having recently been diagnosed with coeliac disease and anaemia, she struggled to find meals that kept her feeling satisfied and met her dietary requirements.

Our programme improved Jade's mental health and encouraged her to be more physically active.

"The MoreLife team have been super supportive. I would highly recommend joining the programme if you are an expecting mother".

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