Myths & Misconceptions About
Quitting Smoking

Stop Smoking: Fact File

“I will put on weight if I quit.”

On average, people who quit smoking gain 5 to 8 pounds in the first few months. Keep in mind that this amount of added weight is inconsequential health-wise compared with the ill effects of smoking. It is also important to know that some people don’t put on any weight when they quit smoking, you just hear the stories of the people who did.

“The damage is already done from years of smoking so why should I bother giving up now?”

As soon as you quit smoking the health benefits start! It doesn’t matter what age you are. Breathing and general fitness improve, giving a better quality of life.

“Quitting smoking while I’m pregnant could put too much stress on my baby.”

Quitting smoking will only benefit your unborn baby and you. Exposure to carbon monoxide reduces the amount of oxygen in your body, which means your baby will also get less oxygen. Quitting will allow your baby to grow and develop normally with a good supply of oxygen. As your pregnancy progresses you will also have more energy as a non-smoker.
Also, research shows that smokers have a 70% increased risk of stress, anxiety and depression compared to non-smokers so you and your baby will be more relaxed once you quit.

“Using an e-cigarette means I can’t get support.”

We’re an e-cig friendly service and we can still support you in your quit attempt from smoking whilst you are using an e-cig. You will be able to get stop smoking treatments just as someone would who isn’t using an e-cig.