What Are The Solutions For Obesity?

Obesity: Fact File

You only have to Google “How to lose weight” and there will be hundreds of links that will claim to help.

There are literally thousands of weight loss and weight management solutions on the market. These range from physical activity programmes; weight loss drinks; hypnotherapy; diet plans; boot camps; online calorie counters; detoxes; weight loss tablets; and major surgery.

They, for the most part, have one thing in common; they tackle one element of weight management. They are either a diet intervention or an exercise intervention. This is because they aim to either decrease the amount of energy that we put into our bodies (by changing our eating habits) or increase the amount of energy that we use (by increasing our activity).

Many of these solutions are considered attractive because they are based on quick wins and short-term results. When the diet is stopped, or diet pills run out, many individuals regain the weight they have lost and sometimes put on more weight than they had carried previously.

In reality, weight loss should be thought about in terms of months and years rather than such promises of “lose 7lbs in 7 days”.

Morelife programmes are multi-component and consider many factors that contribute toward weight gain – diet, physical activity, social time and behaviour change. We focus on long-term behaviour changes to ensure that you don’t just lose weight, but that you continue to manage your weight and lead a happier and healthier life.