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Below we have compiled some general healthy living resources.

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Downloadable resources
Physical activity and mental health

Physical Activity can help your mental health in a number of ways – find out how in this infosheet. Click the button to download.

The power of the sun

It’s important to spend time in the outside world. But why? This document goes into some of the benefits of experiencing nature.

Breathing exercise

Looking for a way to reduce stress and anxiety in just a few minutes? Incorporate this breathing exercise into your daily routine to feel more at ease.

How to sleep better

If you’re having trouble sleeping recently, you can download our top tips for how to sleep better.


Staying on track with exercise

Eat well for less


PODCAST – Physical Activity

Active Lifestyles Lead Connor from our Suffolk team discusses Physical Activity and it’s benefits. Click to download the podcast.

PODCAST – Emotional Eating

Dr Sophie Edwards talks to Dr Neesha Patel about what Emotional Eating is, when it becomes a problem, and the difference between physical an emotional hunger – and importantly, how an overly restrictive diet can fuel emotional eating.

PODCAST – Mindfulness

Dr Sophie Edwards talks to Sarah Knapp, Adult Weight Management Practitioner, about the different types of Mindfulness practise and how we can incorporate them into our daily lives.

PODCAST SHORT – Guided Meditation

Weight Management Practitioner Patrycja from our Essex team leads a guided Mindfulness Meditation. Click to download the podcast.


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