The European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO)’s Policy Position Statement has been released, and can be downloaded by clicking the link in this post.


In summary, the Policy Position Statement says:


  • Effectively treating obesity significantly contributes to lowering prevalence and severity of over 230 complications of obesity notably prevention of other major NCDs, including Type 2 Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and 20% of cancers.
  • Obesity treatment, long term clinical management and prevention strategies should be integral to COVID-19 Recovery Plans and as part of the “new reality”
  • Obesity should be formally recognised as a high risk pre-existing condition for severity of COVID-19 complications, and included in the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) Guidelines
  • Obesity scientific and patient communities should be included in COVID-19 treatment and vaccines development and discovery
  • The EU should facilitate development of a harmonised framework of National Plans for obesity, as is the case with other major NCDs

MoreLife fully supports the position of the EASO and we welcome any initiative which will help empower the communities we work in to stay safe. We will continue to deliver our services and support our clients to live healthier lives.


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