Weight Management

Expert Case Review

14 year old
“Referred to Tier 3 Child Weight Management by GP “
“Within 10 months BMI has decreased, GCI Index and CPAQ scores increased. “


When referred Sarah’s medical problems included a slipped capital femoral epiphysis, had recent operation on hip, learning disabilities, global developmental delay and morbid obesity (96.6kg, BMI of 37.27kg/m2 (>+4 SDS). Following initial assessment and requests for further medical investigations X was also diagnosed with hypothyroidism and is currently being tested for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.

Sarah lives with her parents and siblings and attends a Special Educational Needs school.


Sarah attended a group programme with 6 other families, she engaged well with the group and attended 10 out of 12 of the core sessions. The sessions covered a range of topics including food labels, a balanced diet, physical activity and sleep. Before starting on their journey with OneLife Suffolk, the family described how Sarah’s weight had been an ongoing struggle and that they had increasing concerns for her health, which was their main motivation for joining the programme. The family said that they found OneLife Suffolk’s support different to other healthy lifestyle programmes; regarding the level of support that is received as well as the education provided to families about a range of different lifestyle factors that can impact weight (i.e. sleep, mood, physical activity). The family also thoroughly enjoyed the physical activity aspect of the sessions where the children were exercising in a fun way and increased her confidence in doing these activities with other children.


Sarah’s family said they will continue to work on their healthy goals and keep up the changes and progress they have made so far. She has changed her portion sizes and increased the water that she has each day. She also has much more of an awareness around food labels and the snacks she is having without feeling the need to hide them. The family have also been doing a lot more walks which they didn’t think would be achievable before due to her hip operation, and an increase in her minutes of physical activity as measured by the CPAQ score. Within 10 months of the programme Sarah’s BMI has decreased to 35.78kg/m2 (BMI SDS 4). There has also been an improvement in her wellbeing score (Good Child Index).

Despite their group experience being cut short due to Covid-19, they remarked that the level of support they received was amazing with enjoyable weekly Zoom meetings and phone calls from their practitioner. The family are thankful for the support they have had this year and would love to stay involved with OneLife.

Sarah: before

Sarah: after