Weight Management

Expert Case Review

64, Milton Keynes
“”It made a big difference in my life.” “
“”MoreLife improved my mindset and made me feel like I had more control in my life. ” “

Robert, 64, from Milton Keynes, heard about MoreLife through his GP. He thought it sounded like a great opportunity to start making healthy lifestyle changes.

Before joining the programme, Robert’s BMI was 28.4 and he weighed 88.5kg.

In the past, Robert had struggled with nutrition, and understanding the impact different foods could have on his health. He paid little attention to food labels in the supermarket. He had difficulty sleeping.

With the help of his practitioner, Robert was able to focus on the areas where he needed help to improve his health. The practitioner, Andy, provided tools to help Robert create slow, sustainable, changes.

During his time with MoreLife, Robert started improving his lifestyle. He was able to lose weight, eat a more balanced diet, and become more aware of the foods he was eating. Alongside this, he started getting more physically active. Robert enjoyed playing golf.

The MoreLife adult weight management programmes focused on more than the importance of a balanced diet and physical exercise. It also encouraged clients to explore how they think about food.

Robert found this particular part of the course helpful. He said, “I enjoyed how the course showed me different ways of looking at things. MoreLife improved my mindset and made me feel like I had more control in my life. I especially appreciated the relaxation techniques. This is something I wouldn’t have tried by myself, but it made a big difference in my life.”

While Robert found the course helpful, he expressed concern about slipping back into his old habits once he finished the 12-week programme.


Andy focused on helping Robert create new habits that he could maintain after his time with MoreLife. He showed Robert how he could create ‘friction’ for old habits, making them harder to do. Alongside ways Robert could easily continue his new habits.

Andy explained the importance of SMART goals, and how setting them can help keep clients focused on their health goals. It gives them realistic targets they can reach, both in the short and long term.

“I was really proud of Robert during his time on the programme. Each week, he would set a goal to help improve his healthy habits. It was great to see him motivated and determined to keep meeting his goals.

I’m confident that Robert will use the tools from the programme to keep focused on his goals and maintain his new healthy habits.”

During his time on the course, Robert lost 1% of his body weight. He continues to work on long-lasting changes and is enjoying being more active.

Robert: before

Robert: after