Weight Management

Expert Case Review

“It has been life changing, other weight loss plans have just been a quick fix “
“I have lost weight by reducing portion sizes and picking healthier choices”

Marc joined our programme at 128kg because of his weight he felt breathless and would often feel a burning feeling in his chest when walking a short distance from the car park. He didn’t want to leave the house, as he struggled to find clothes that fitted him.

I could no longer ignore the impact my weight was having on my physical and mental health

Marc had lost weight previously with Slim Fast and The Cambridge Diet, but felt they were only partly successful due to their short-term fix, and as the old eating habits crept back in, so did the weight gain.

With MoreLife it wasn’t a quick fix – I was analysing my eating habits and addressing why I ate like I did. I began to understand food and its relation to my weight loss and gain

MoreLife showed me how to look for hidden calories and understand what portion sizes I should be eating

As a result Marc lost 45.5kg (7.1 stone) and reached his goal weight and kept the weight off.

I feel good about myself; I now wear 36-inch jeans and L T-shirts. I previously wore 42-inch  jeans and XXL T-shirts and this gives me great confidence

Marc now feels he has the knowledge needed to move forward and maintain his weight, because he’s done it through altering his eating and exercise habits. He enjoyed the programme and felt supported by his peers and team leader.

I found the weekly meetings helpful as they gave all the group incentive and support on their weight loss journey.

Marc: before

Marc: after