Can you believe that the summer holidays are already in full swing? We understand it can be tricky to think of activities to keep the kids entertained during this time of year. 

So we’ve put our heads together to give you some ideas for great outdoor activities for all the family this summer. There are so many health benefits to getting outdoors. From improving your mood and sleep to helping your brain function and getting stronger bones. 

 A day at the beach is one of the ultimate British summertime activities. Splashing in the waves, building sandcastles, the smell of sun cream and salty ocean washing over you. You just can’t beat it.

Here in the UK, there are so many beautiful beaches you can pick from. From the charming Cornish coasts to the spectacular sandy beaches in Scotland. Not only are these British beaches stunning, but they’re also a brilliant opportunity for you and the kids to get active. 

It’s easy to mix healthy habits into summer holiday fun. 

Here are some of our favourite activities to help you and your family make the most of your time on the beach. 

small child standing by the ocean

Paddling / Swimming 

There is nothing quite like that feeling of stepping into the ocean. You and your little ones can paddle in the waves or even try swimming if you’re feeling brave! You could make a game of jumping over little waves by the shore or see who can get into the ocean the quickest. Think about what kind of activity or challenges your kids will enjoy the most.

You don’t have to spend all day playing in the ocean. Even a few quick dips during the afternoon can help boost activity levels. Whichever way you and your family choose to enjoy the ocean, you may as well make the most of being on a beautiful beach!

Body Boarding

Body boarding is a brilliant way for you and your family to enjoy the ocean. Lots of beaches in the UK offer board renting services for a reasonable rate. You can lie on your board, and let the water do the work for you. Start in the shallow end as you want your kids to get used to the water. The more confident they get, the deeper waters they can try. To be safe on the water, we recommend you find a qualified local company at the beach of your choice.

Body boarding doesn’t have to be about catching a perfect wave or learning the right technique. As long as you and the kids are having fun in the ocean, that’s the main thing!

Mother and daughter body boarding
Sandcastle on a beach

Sandcastle Building

Not all beach activities have to take place in the water. There’s something to be said for the simple pleasure of building a sandcastle. We’re not just talking about one bucket then job done here. You could go big to make the most out of this activity.

You can set challenges during castle construction. From collecting shells to decorate the sandy walls, to seeing who can build the tallest tower. You could even go for that extra level of extravagance, dig a moat around the sandcastle and connect it to the sea. Building a sandcastle is such a traditional seaside activity but you and your kids can put your own creative twist on it.

Wildlife Watching

There are lots of wonderful ways you and the kids can watch wildlife on UK beaches. From spotting seals in Norfolk to foraging for fossils in the Isle of Wight. Make sure when you’re researching beaches to look if there’s any wildlife in the local area. You can make games out of it to see who can find a creature first.

Whichever wildlife you choose to spot, it’s a brilliant way to spend your day at the seaside. It gives the kids a chance to explore and enjoy their surroundings. We’re all guilty of spending lots of time on screens. This is a chance for you all to truly take in and enjoy the world around you.

Seal on the beach

A beach day is a perfect opportunity for you and your family to have fun, get active, and potentially try something entirely new. If you don’t live nearby a beach, there are still plenty of ways you can get outdoors and try some new activities this summer. Why not look into lakes or national parks near you?

Here at MoreLife, we’re big believers in helping families get active. If you’re interested in finding more about us, check out our services page.

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