Healthy Workplace Partnerships

In Bedford Borough, Central Bedfordshire & Milton Keynes

Morelife is a leading expert provider of healthy lifestyle services including weight management, physical activity, smoking cessation and health improvement programmes and has helped thousands of people to successfully lose weight.

We currently deliver a range of health and wellbeing programmes across Bedford Borough, Central Bedfordshire, and Milton Keynes. We are working with the Public Health – Work Place Health Team to bring our 12-week weight management programme into the workplace for the benefit of the employee and employer.

Workplace health programmes can encourage employees to achieve and maintain a healthy weight and the Morelife’s Healthy Weight Programme will compliment any workplace.

Creating A Happier, Healthier Workplace

FREE 12-week weight management programme, which is run by one of our expert weight management practitioners. There is weekly monitoring and an opportunity to talk to the practitioner and celebrate achievements. Session contents include:


Healthy Eating advice, reading food labels, portion sizes, snacks, adapting recipes, shopping, meal planning, family meal budgeting

Physical Activity

Approaching activities, benefits of PA, opportunities, increasing activity (session delivered with help from local leisure provider)

Psychology Sessions

Behaviour change, mindfulness, well-being, confidence and self-esteem, dealing with setbacks, identifying triggers and solutions, how to plan and prepare

Goal Setting

SMART goals, realistic weight loss

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