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MoreLife's Latest Success Stories

At MoreLife, we're extremely proud of our everyone who completes our programmes, whether they're campers, clubbers or adult programme members.
In this section of the MoreLife website, we keep you updated with the latest success stories from across the country.
If you'd like to share your MoreLife success story, email us at to tell us all about it!

Adam Tubbs, MoreLife London Clubber
Adam Tubbs before MoreLife

Nine-year-old Adam Tubbs and his mum Rosemary attended MoreLife Community Clubs in the spring of 2013. Over the course of 12 weeks, Adam and his mum both lost a bit of weight and gained loads of energy! Adam's mum tells us how their lives have changed since attending the programme.

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Lauren Herring, Adult Programme Member

Lauren had struggled with her weight since age 11. After attending the MoreLife programme she is happier, healthier and has lost 4 1/2 stone! 

Read Lauren's story >>

Ian Warland, Oxford

Ian Warland from Oxford has lost almost half of his body weight since attending his local MoreLife Specialist Adult Weight Management Programme.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Read Ian's story >>

Anonymous Female aged 49, Oxford Programme
One of our Oxford clients has lost over 30lbs (13.8 kg) so far after just 3 months attending her local MoreLife programme. 

Read her story >>

Anonymous Female aged 44, Oxford Programme

After attending the MoreLife programme, another Oxford client has lost 
almost 22 kg (almost 50 llbs) in 10 months and no longer has Type 2 diabetes

Read her story >>

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