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MoreLife Adult Services

If you live in Oxfordshire or Essex and would like to attend a MoreLife Specialist Weight Management programme visit our Adult Services section to find out more.

MoreLife Adult Services

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Half The Man He Used To Be!

Oxford resident Ian Warland, has lost almost half of his body weight with the help of his local MoreLife weight management programme.

After suffering from sleep apnoea, Ian was referred to a sleep clinic who found that his weight was the main contributor to his health problems. His GP then referred him to a local MoreLife group.

Having never been to a weight loss group before, or even tried to diet, Ian was unsure of what to expect, “I’d always found excuses in the past, losing weight felt a bit too much like hard work! I wanted to lose the weight but I just needed support from the right people.”

MoreLife’s programmes are researched and developed by a team of specialists and combine advice about healthy eating, physical activity and lifestyle to help integrate encourage long-term, sustainable weight loss.

“What I love about MoreLife is that I haven’t had to diet. I eat normally, no foods are off limits, I just have an app to count my calories and this helps me make the right choices.”

MoreLife’s Weight Management Practitioner, Frauke Eicker says, “We give our clients the tools, techniques and advice they need to overcome their own challenges. Our programmes make a real difference to people because they aren’t just about dieting, they’re about making long-term behaviour changes.”

Through making changes to his lifestyle, Ian has now impressively lost over 67kg (10½ stone) which is almost half of his original body weight. “I’ve had people I haven’t seen in a while, walk straight past me and not recognise me. I’ve also had problems at airports as my passport picture looks nothing like me!”

Ian now uses his success to inspire others to follow in his footsteps by appearing as a motivational speaker at new groups throughout the county.

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MoreLife Private Clinics for Adults

If you don't live in the Oxfordshire or Essex areas but are interested in a programme with MoreLife, contact our team to find out about our privately-funded weight-loss clinics. We offer stand-alone weight management programmes, as well as pre- and post-bariatric surgery support.

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