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Colin's Journey - MoreLife Essex

 Colin, aged 41, had been overweight for years and it was something that affected every aspect of his day to day life. Last November he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes - a huge wakeup call that made him realise he needed to take drastic action to improve his health.

Colin’s weight loss journey began in February 2017 when, at 17 stone, he was referred to the MoreLife Essex weight management programme. Colin was hesitant at first but a couple of weeks in he had made new friends, lost some weight and couldn’t wait for his weekly sessions!

Since completing the MoreLife programme, Colin has lost 3 stone and feels so much healthier and happier. He now exercises most evenings, something he never imagined possible before MoreLife. As well as this, his cholesterol level has come down and his blood sugar levels are now under control.

“I must say not going every week to MoreLife was hard at first but they have given me enough tools and knowledge to get on w

ith everyday living, I would like to thank everyone at MoreLife for what they have done for me.”

To find out more about the MoreLife Essex Weight Management programme visit, email or call us on 0800 038 9050


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