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Adult Services

Services for adults

MoreLife has been successfully supporting young people who struggle to maintain a healthy weight and their families for many years.

Our team deliver gimmick-free programmes that help you make the changes so you can look and feel much healthier for your future. Our programmes aren't boring and you won’t be told to eat next-to-nothing. It’s little steps that make big changes and we want to help you make those changes for good!


Specialist Weight Management

Specialist Weight Management Services for adults with a BMI of over 35. 

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Private Clinic

MoreLife's private weight management clinic offers bespoke 1:1 and group services.

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Virtual Groups

Virtual Groups are coming soon - register your interest now!

MoreLife Online

Brand new online weight management tool to use at home.

Check your BMI

Are you a healthy weight? Find out now with the MoreLife BMI Calculator

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