Due to the diversity of modern businesses, ‘off the shelf’ health and wellness packages are unlikely to meet a business’s needs or be sustainable.  Therefore we provide a range of options that enable businesses to create the best working environments they can to support the health and wellness of their employees.

Given the clear evidence that a healthy workforce is a productive workforce, our approach is not to improve the health of employees without appreciating the fundamental objectives of the business.  We therefore work with businesses to find the solutions to health and wellness (such as stress management, weight management, smoking cessation, health checks, healthy eating and increased physical activity) that amplify business performance through improvements in absenteeism and presenteeism, or as we like to say – shaping a happier and healthier workforce!


We believe:

– The first step in developing an effective health & wellness approach is to determine your needs

– The best programmes evolve from business strengths not by patching up the problems

– It’s better to address the cause not the symptom

– It’s critical all members of the business define the purpose of the programme

We take all business through our diagnostic process to determine what stage they are at and what their needs are.


In order to understand your needs we gather insight and information on the way your business works and ultimately what you’re trying to achieve.

Consultative Process – We work with senior leaders to understand the vision for the business to ensure our approach is aligned with the company’s objectives. We learn about your culture, health data and map your networks to show how your employees and objectives are connected/interconnected.

Once we understand the reasons for action, we engage with colleagues across the business to determine the factors most pertinent to achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Control room


Once we understand your needs we agree with you the best approach using the following options:

Enabling Change – For those companies that believe change is necessary across and at all levels of their business, we have a unique employee led and leader supported approach.

Support implementation – To ensure that best practice is embedded, we offer a number of training programmes to ensure leaders, managers and staff are enabled to support and advance the required culture, attitudes and programmes to achieve its health and wellness objectives.

Woman working in a warehouse

Delivery Programmes

Assessments – We conduct health checks for the business (food offer, activity opportunities, support services) as well as Individuals (fitness, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, stress).

Campaigns – Where attitude change is needed we develop and deliver a variety of health campaigns that focus on particular health agendas. This might include: awareness campaigns (hydration, alcohol, activity, healthy eating) or whole business programmes such as a corporate health challenge, business health days, health transformation days etc..

Support – Where particular individuals need support we offer a variety of programmes such as Stress Management, Weight Management, Smoking Cessation, Health Checks and Reducing Sedentary Behaviours.  These can be implemented face to face, with partners, via health champions or using digital tools.

Case studies

Imperial Healthcare trust – We delivered successful weight management programmes for staff across the trust as part of the drive to improve health and reduce the risk of diabetes.  This programme was funded by NHS England and Public Health England as part of their National Diabetes Prevention Programme.

Imperial Healthcare Trust

JN Bentley – JN Bentley is a national construction company with a leading Health and Safety programme. Leaders of the company felt it was important they bring their health and wellness programme up to the same standards as their health and safety programme.  JN Bentley strongly believed in a programme of work that was developed by their employees for their employees and they were keen to strike the right balance between the responsibilities of the business and their employees on their health and wellness.  We undertook a change management programme to build on these core values of the business to create a health and wellness programme that matched their health and safety reputation, meeting the needs of their business and most importantly their employees.

JN Bentley

DWP Lowestoft – The Lowestoft DWP have been extremely pro-active in taking on the challenge of working towards the Health and Wellbeing Excellence awards. Lowestoft DWP are the first workplace in Suffolk to receive Platinum status. Click through to see how our OneLife Suffolk Workplace Package helped their staff.