Licensed Weight Management Models

Our Licensed Weight Management Models include all the necessary training, resources, quality assurance and co-ordination for arms-length provider delivery of MoreLife healthy lifestyle weight management programmes.

We offer a range of Licensed Weight Management Models, that are evidence-based and NICE compliant, across programmes for





As an accredited Provider and Trainer (Department of Health’s Framework Agreement for Weight Management), MoreLife Licensed Models are underpinned by our core values:

  • High Quality – The best people delivering the best programmes for the greatest impacts
  • Flexible – meeting the varied needs of commissioners, stakeholders and clients
  • Innovative – our clients provide the best insights to innovate so we listen and build programmes for them.
  • Fun – we believe programmes that people find enjoyable are the most successful
  • Evidence-based – delivering programmes which incorporate the latest cutting-edge research
  • Cost effective – delivering the best results through efficient use of resources
  • Evolving – a continual commitment to review and evaluate our programmes

The MoreLife Licensed Product ensures that providers of the weight management programme have the ability to:

  • Provide an assessment of an individual/child or young person’s lifestyle and that of their family.
  • Identify individuals’ and families’ strengths and skills
  • Enable the provider to facilitate the engagement of participants, ensuring adults and/or parents  and children participate in discussions regarding healthy eating, physical activity/active lifestyles in the programme through the use of interactive workshops
  • Provide a curriculum and programme for each session.

The Licensed Product will ensure staff delivering the Programme are able to:

  • Include all suitable clients
  • Exclude participants who may not be suitable for inclusion in a weight management programme

The MoreLife Licensed Model:

  • Provides a robust model for the evaluation of Programme interventions
  • Incorporates a structured process and methodology to provide external quality assurance and review of Programme outcomes.
  • Is reviewed and updated to reflect any policy or evidence-based changes (minimum annually or sooner if there is a substantial change to the evidence base)
  • Is flexible enough to meet the needs of children and young people and adults with more complex needs

The MoreLife Licensed Model provides Programme Governance and ensures use of the results of evaluation to drive improvement including:

  • Adherence to local safeguarding systems and policies and procedures
  • On completion of the programme, signposting families/adults to local activities such as cooking clubs, walking groups etc.
  • Integration with the relevant local services such as Education, Health, and Leisure Service providers, as appropriate

As part of the Licensed Model MoreLife will:

  • Provide training and workshops to enable the model to be fully understood and implemented by the provider of the Programme
  • Provide annual update training to ensure best practice is continuously maintained
  • Provide quality assurance and support
  • Provide evaluation and recommendations for improved delivery and outcomes