Our specialist postnatal programme supports new parents to be happy, healthy, and lose weight after giving birth.

We help our clients to feel better about themselves, feel more confident and in control of their healthy lifestyle choices.


We run a FREE specialist postnatal service for parents in Birmingham, who meet the eligibility criteria below.

At MoreLife, we’re passionate about supporting individuals and communities to lead healthier lives. We’ve been successfully delivering weight management programmes for over 20 years.

Our programmes are:

FLEXIBLE – tailored to meet your needs

ACCESSIBLE – delivered online, so you can get involved from the comfort of your own home

SOCIABLE –  during group meetings you can get support from other new parents

PSYCHOLOGICALLY INFORMED – we don’t tell you what to do, rather we’ll help you to understand how thoughts, emotions and feelings influence your decisions

EVIDENCE-BASED – our strong links to Leeds Beckett University mean all our programmes are based on the latest, cutting-edge research


Your programme offers online weekly support meetings led by a MoreLife practitioner.

You will meet people on a similar journey, and discuss challenges and solutions for realistic behaviour change for new parents. Topics include:

  • Wellbeing and support for new parents
  • Physical activity for new parents
  • Managing food with a young family

Our My Life Plan digital programme for adults will also be available weekly and can be accessed at a day and time that suits you. Topics include:

  • Portion control
  • Behaviour change
  • Relationships with food

Subtitles mean you can watch this without disturbing sleeping children.


Our programme is FREE for adults who have been referred through a Health Professional and meet the following criteria.

  • Aged 18 or older and have a child aged 0 – 4 in the family
  • Have a BMI 30kg/ m2 or above (27.5kg/m2 or above for Black African, African-Caribbean or South Asian population) 
  • Resident in Birmingham postcode or registered with GP in Birmingham area
EveFamily Weight Management Completer

We all know that its calories in matching calories out, but the programme made you aware of the whole picture rather than focusing on just food

SandraAdult Weight Management Completer

I feel as if I have more energy and confidence since starting the MoreLife programme.

JanetAdult Weight Management Completer

I started my MoreLife journey at 94.5kg, and 12 weeks later, I was 86.4kg! Unfortunately, COVID-19 then hit so I now work every day instead of part-time, this made it harder for me to maintain my diet. I find it hard now being able to go swimming but I have been doing 10k steps every day and will continue to lose weight.

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