At MoreLife, we offer a combination of 10 week Family and Teen Programmes, as well as our new MUMS2B Maternity Programme.


We take an approach that focuses more on the importance of healthy lifestyles, instead of encouraging weight loss, where there are no unrealistic expectations.



  • Our programme features a variety of fun and educational activities that children do not have the opportunity to play at school or at home, that aim to teach children how to be healthy and physically active. 


  • All of the children on our programmes are of a similar health so they will not feel singled out or anxious. We aim to have all the children feel comfortable and to want to take part rather than be made to, then they are more likely to learn something new. 


  • There are many aspects of the programme that can be enjoyed as a family. Not all of our activities are tailor made for children, adults can join in and have fun too.  


  • We encourage all parents to take part where they can, this can make it easier for children to get involved and see that eating healthily and being more active is not as difficult as they may think. It is fun for the whole family after all. 
10 Week Family Programme

Our 10 Week Family programme invites the whole family to come and learn more about the importance of healthy eating and physical activity, as well as supporting you to set and achieve realistic goals that will help you achieve a healthier and maintainable lifestyle.

Our team of trained practitioners deliver a different topic each week in a fun and engaging way, that is tailored to meet the needs of the ages of the children in the group.

Due to COVID-19 our delivery process has changed. We are still delivering our great programmes but now we deliver them virtually on Zoom, incorporating the aspects of the family programme that the children said they loved.  

We have a great weekly programme for parents, and an even greater variety of activity packs for the kids that includes a Physical Activity Challenge, the Traffic Light Game, a Smoothie Maker and many more that everyone can join in with!


Examples of topics include:

Portion control and snacking

Getting active

Making choices

Food labelling

Special occasions and eating out

Teen Programme

Our teen programmes are structured in the same way as the 10-week family programmes, however, they are tailored specifically to the age range.


We do still encourage parents or carers to attend, however, this is not mandatory.

We have a long history of creating health and wellness programmes for children
Primary school girl, holding a ball, smiling


Run by our qualified Family Weight Management Practitioners, our Holiday Clubs are a short intervention delivered during school holidays (4 or 5 days depending on Bank Holidays), for children that fit our Family Programme eligibility criteria and siblings.  Each day during school holidays, from 9am to 3pm, we have healthy workshops based around physical activity games with breaks built in throughout the day to include art activities and board games with an emphasis on fun and games – it is a holiday club after all!


At the end of each day, Parents will be able to find out what their children have been learning by the daily ‘MoreLife Holiday Club – Parent Information Sheet’, which is sent electronically and can be signed (electronically) to say you have seen it.  MoreLife Holiday Clubs are a fun way of learning about health and wellbeing for children. 

JashandeepFamily Weight Management Completer

I suggest you come to MoreLife because you can learn new things and you can improve your lifestyle, also the amount of friendly people you meet.

RobertoFamily Weight Management Completer

This place is great. It makes my brain extend to a million miles. It makes me more healthy and helps me lose weight and enjoy my time!

IsabelleFamily Weight Management Completer

This place is amazing, you get to play games and learn stuff you may not have known. You get to make friends with people that have the same difficulties.