Adult Weight Management Services

MoreLife provide weight management programmes for adults, designed to create long-lasting shifts in behaviour and give clients the tools and support they need to achieve their health goals.

MoreLife deliver a psychologically-informed model. We don’t tell people what to do, rather we help them to understand how thoughts, emotions and feelings influence their decisions.

Our Adult Weight Management Programmes are:

FLEXIBLE – tailored programmes to match the needs of the group or individual
ACCESSIBLE – face-to-face groups are held at a variety of local venues, with telephone, text, Skype and online support between groups
MULTI-COMPONENT – cover diet, physical activity and behaviour change

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Supporting people to grow in confidence

Our programmes are evidence-based which means we use the latest research to inform our programme content and our partnership with Leeds Beckett University allows us to access the latest research. This relationship gives us the ability to take feedback from our clients and staff, and use this to drive the research topics creating relevant and reliable research conclusions which we use to continually improve our programmes.

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“MoreLife is incredibly supportive and understanding to everyone’s situations, they are truly there to help and want the best for each individual, would recommend to a friend 100%.”

Supporting people to grow in confidence
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