MoreLife delivers evidence-based, NICE-compliant programmes that are of high quality, whilst being innovative and enjoyable. Our services are client and solution-focussed and we offer tailored pathways and continuous improvement to all clients, through effective governance, monitoring and evaluation.

We have a proven track record delivering weight management and healthy lifestyle behavioural interventions since 1999.

During the last 20 years we have successfully delivered services across more than 50 sites. We have experience of working with diverse groups and we have the flexibility to respond and evolve to meet the needs of the locality. Our outcomes, based on evidence, ensures commissioner confidence in our services that are developed to provide effective access, uptake, engagement and success. Our research is a fundamental part of our offering through every stage from planning, to delivery, to evaluation.

This is demonstrated by our success in all previous and current contracts.

“MoreLife ensures delivery when, where and how individuals really need services to ensure full engagement, maximum long-term sustainable benefit to individuals and the community, building local capability and capacity, ensuring a legacy.”


MoreLife offer a range of NICE compliant Healthy Weight and Healthy Lifestyle Interventions including:

  • Integrated Healthy Lifestyle services
  • Healthy Lifestyle Promotion and Overweight/Obesity Prevention Programmes
  • Tier 1, 2 and 3 Adult, Family and Child Weight Management Interventions (Group, 1-2-1 & Online)
  • Residential Weight Loss programmes across the UK and Internationally
  • Licensed Weight Management Models
  • NHS Health Checks
  • Range of Physical Activity Interventions
  • MECC training as well as bespoke training programmes and events
  • A range of research and evaluation of MoreLife and other provider programmes

The programmes we offer include:

  • Single Point of Access
  • Administration and Triage
  • Electronic Patient Record
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Marketing campaigns, communications, website and social media
  • Recruitment
  • NICE-compliant Delivery
  • Maintenance, Support Planning
  • Signposting and stakeholder engagement team
  • Follow-up, Discharge
  • Using community asset approaches
  • Ensuring sustainable changes

All programmes are supported by our online self-care members site, offering ongoing social networking/support, diet, physical activity, behaviour change tools/resources.

MoreLife always mobilises effectively, with our processes proven successful in mobilising new contracts, all achieving full Q1 and Yr1 activity providing client, stakeholder and commissioner continuity and confidence.


We audit our compliance with national standards and benchmark across our programmes. We review our compliance with national safety and governance for Information Governance, Clinical Governance and Safeguarding standards and hold NHS Digital IG Toolkit, GDPR compliance, Cyber Essentials.

We have policies that are evidence-based, regularly-reviewed and updated in line with learning, feedback, legislation changes and in recognition of an evolving workforce and practices reflective of the 21st century. MoreLife have policies on all the necessary areas to promote and protect our staff and service user safety and wellbeing.

All MoreLife work is underpinned by our Organisational Development (OD) strategy enabling us to reflect and continuously improve: How we create value; how we manage; how we act.

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