Health and Wellness in Schools



We have a long history of working with schools and providing health and wellness programmes for children, within and outside of the school day.  We appreciate the greater responsibilities schools face to improve health as well as academic performance.  Fortunately, the evidence and outcomes of our programmes shows that improving health will improve the school academic outcomes too.

Many schools tell us that, whilst they appreciate their role, they are time poor and do not feel equipped with the skills and knowledge to engage in sensitive issues like weight, smoking and other lifestyle behaviour issues that children may face.

Many schools have told us that they genuinely want to integrate health and wellness into their curriculum to make it more sustainable, but are frustrated by the ‘off the shelf packages and tick box programmes’ that are not fit for purpose.


We believe:

– The first step in developing an effective health & wellness approach is to determine your needs

– The best programmes evolve from your strengths not by patching up the problems

– It’s better to address the cause not the symptom

– It’s critical all members of the school (pupils, parents, staff & leaders) define the purpose of the programme

We take all schools through our diagnostic process to determine what stage they are at and what their needs are.

Stages of the Diagnostic Process


Once we understand your needs we agree with you the best approach using the following options:

Enabling Change – For those school leaders that believe change is necessary across and at all levels of their school, we have a unique stakeholder (parents/pupils/teachers) led and leader supported approach.

Support implementation – To ensure that best practice is embedded, we offer a number of training programmes to ensure leaders, managers and staff are enabled to support and advance the required culture, attitudes and programmes to achieve its health and wellness objectives.

Delivery Programmes

Assessments – We conduct health checks for the school (school food offer, activity opportunities etc.) as well as individual pupils / staff and parents (fitness, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, stress).

Campaigns – We work with schools to provide innovative campaigns and whole school activities, these ensure that all school members are touched by the programme in a positive way to create positive change and a newer healthier mindset. This might include: awareness campaigns (hydration, alcohol, activity, healthy eating), health assemblies/weeks/terms.

Support – Where particular individuals need support we offer a variety of programmes such as Weight Management, Smoking Cessation, Healthy Eating and Physical Activity.  These can be implemented face to face, with partners, via health champions or using digital tools.

Case studies

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