Family Weight Management

Our 12-week family programmes are delivered in the local community.

Our children’s programme supports children aged 4-17 and their families in managing a healthy lifestyle. Our family-focused programmes are filled with exciting activities that promote health and happiness. The programme involves fun games and activities such as dodgeball, football, and badminton.

You’ll also learn about healthy eating, understanding food labels, and cooking nutritious meals for your family. For families who need more support for complex needs, we can also provide one-to one sessions with a Morelife practitioner.

What’s Included?

Play lots of fun games
and activities like dodgeball, football, badminton and more!

Receive practical healthy eating tips and advice.

Connect with
like-minded families.

Learn about healthy eating, reading food labels and me-sized meals.

Learn how to cook nutritious meals for
the whole family.

Receive ongoing
support from our
weight management practitioners and nutritionists.

Understand how to
self-care and prioritise their well-being.

Is this for Everyone?

Can Anyone Sign Up?

This programme is for:

Families that live in Sheffield (with children aged 4 to 17)

BMI greater than 91st centile

Who the Service is NOT for:

There are some children this service doesn’t suit, such as those with active eating disorders or who have complexities in weight management. 

We provide a 1-2-1 assessment with a specialist who will let you know if this service is appropriate.

What they say about Morelife

“Chloe soon discovered that she loved fresh fruit as much as other foods and was happy to eat an abundance of fruits and vegetables within her diet. Porridge became her new favourite breakfast with a sprinkling of blueberries some days.”

– Harry & Chloe, aged 8 & 9

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“He went from struggling with relearning how to walk, to being able to run. I am so grateful and appreciate everyone’s efforts towards the wellbeing of my son.”- Joel, aged 9

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