Healthy Snacks & Alternatives

Craving a chocolate bar?

Chocolate bars aren’t evil, and the occasional chocolate bar is a nice treat, but when you have committed yourself to properly managing your weight they can be a temptation you could do without. Thankfully we have collected a few of our favourite snacks which taste amazing and will help you along with your weight loss goals.

The average cost of a chocolate bar in the UK is 75p.*

Save money and eat well with these handy snacks.

Healthy snack-swaps

Lower-sugar drinks

Swap out your regular fizzy drink to a no-added-sugar alternative, or even better – water! There are many health benefits to drinking water, click HERE to find out more.

Malt Loaf

A slice of malt loaf is delicious, filling, and has about 60% fewer calories than a cake bar (62 calories for a slice of Soreen, 153 calories for a Cake Bar)

Fruit bag

It’s not a packet of Haribo, but it’s far more refreshing and much better for you. Save some money by just having an apple instead.

Rice Cakes

A low-calorie alternative to bread, they’re great for a quick snack when paired with a healthy topping such as peanut butter and sliced bananas, or tuna salad and celery.

Skinny Coffee

Swap whole milk for skimmed milk in your regular coffee and reduce your calorie intake from 120kcal to 70kcal


Metcalfe’s Skinny Popcorn is usually sat right next to the fattier crisps and contain 36% fewer calories than a bag of Walker’s crisps 132kcl to 78kcal

Jelly Pot

A pot of Hartley’s No Added Sugar Jelly is just 5 calories and comes in 6 different flavours.


SKYR’s Light & Free Yogurt range contains 0% fat, 0% added sugar and coming in at 72 calories for a 150g pot represent an excellent choice for a filling snack.

At home? Prepare yourself something extra special!

Avocado and Lemon on Toast


1 – Cut the avocado in half. Remove the large stone.
2 – You now have two pieces. Cut them in half, so you have 4 pieces.
3 – Quarter the lemon. Put the three spare pieces of lemon in a tupperware with the three spare pieces of avocado and pop in the fridge.
4 – Remove the skin from one piece of avocado you still have out. Mash it up a little using a fork.
5 – Squeeze the quarter lemon over the avocado, and add some crushed black pepper. Mash until spreadable.
6 – Spread onto a slice of toast. Enjoy.

Make it a meal:

Want something more substantial? Double up on the avocado (use a half instead of a quarter), serve with slices of tomato and top balsamic drizzle and you’ve got a healthy breakfast or lunch.

Shopping List:
2 x Avocado (£1.75)
2 x Lemon (£0.60)
1 x Crusty Loaf (£2.00)
Total Spend – £4.35

8 x Avocado on toast
Cost per snack – £0.54

Nutritional Info:
Calories per 100g
Fat per 100g
Saturates per 100g
Sugar per 100g
Salt per 100g

*Statistics taken from Better Retailing Pricewatch, 29th March 2019. Excludes ‘Duo’ bars, and uses UK average price.