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Catherine’s story

"This course helps you find habits that work for you.”

CatherineNHSE Digital Weight Management Programme

"I’m really proud of the progress I’ve made.”

CatherineNHSE Digital Weight Management Programme

Catherine, 45, wanted to strengthen her knee so she could get more active. She knew how to live a healthy lifestyle and MoreLife was able to offer critical guidance for the next steps of her weight loss journey. 

Catherine went to her GP after having Covid-19, where she was referred to a diabetic nurse. She spoke about the potential of having weight loss surgery and was recommended the NHSE Digital Weight Management programme first. She was offered a few different options but chose MoreLife as she felt it was a more holistic approach to weight loss.

Catherine benefited from the programme. She understood there was more to weight loss than reducing the amount of food you eat and exercising more. However, the programme reminded her of this information during a crucial time in her healthy lifestyle journey.

MoreLife helped Catherine improve her relationship with food. She began to recognise that a lot of the time she was eating on autopilot. With the help of the course, Catherine made practical changes to her eating habits. For instance, when it came to snacking, she would have smaller crisp packets or put fewer crisps in a bowl.

She said, “I feel more mindful with my food choices now. I used to think mindfulness was about being relaxed and less stressed. Whereas it can help me think carefully about what I’m eating and take my time.”

During her time on the Digital Weight Management programme, Catherine had three phone calls with her practitioner, Gemma.

Gemma said, “Catherine was a wonderful client to work with. She had a good focus on what she wanted to achieve right from the start. She wanted to improve her fitness so she could enjoy an active lifestyle alongside her family. I was able to support Catherine in setting SMART goals, focusing on both diet and exercise. It was great to see her reach her goals.”

Over the past four years, Catherine has lost 5 stone, and part of this weight loss happened since joining MoreLife.


She lost 1 stone during her time on the programme. Her main goal wasn’t weight loss, but she wanted to strengthen her knee so she could walk better and move around more easily.

She is now able to walk 5K and keep up in her Zumba class. She also feels more energised after being active. She said, “My exercise routine has improved so much. I now exercise more frequently, and I can exercise more intensely too. I’m really proud of the progress I’ve made.”

“I’d definitely recommend this programme. It helps people take responsibility for their weight loss and understand their relationship with food. This course helps you find habits that work for you.”

Catherine lost 1 stone during her time with MoreLife and achieved her goals of getting more active. She’s looking forward to taking the next steps on her healthy lifestyle journey.

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