Expert Case Review

MoreLife’s strong partnerships with healthcare professionals in the local area mean more of the community can access our life-changing weight management services. Here’s how we worked closely with a GP surgery in Essex.

Dr Mahmud, of Jones Family Practice in Hockley, first engaged with MoreLife at the GP Time to Learn event in July 2018, where he met Senior Weight Management Practitioner at MoreLife, Emily. As a GP who is passionate about helping his patients who are diabetic or struggle with their weight, he was very keen to work with MoreLife.

Patients who met the criteria were registered at his surgery and invited to attend a MoreLife group, which was held just across the road from the surgery. The positive response from patients and high uptake enabled four groups to run from September 2018 to April 2019.

Dr Mahmud has seen a big improvement with his patients’ health whilst on the MoreLife programme, with many able to reduce their medications. He highlights one patient who lives with Type 2 Diabetes and was treated with Metformin and GLP-1. Due to weight loss and a drop in HbA1c whilst on the MoreLife programme, Dr Mahmud was able to discontinue the GLP-1 from November 2018 and then also stop Metformin in February 2019. Even with these changes in medication, the HbA1c has been maintained with continued weight loss and lifestyle changes. As a result, his patient is also looking to come off blood pressure medication soon. Not only have these fantastic achievements significantly improved the overall health of the patient, the reduction in medication has also created huge annual cost savings for the surgery.

Dr Mahmud is very happy with the changes that MoreLife has helped his patients to achieve, and believes that the support of our specialist Tier 3 weight management service has created great outcomes. He believes the key to success is a team effort, and that combining medication and medical support with MoreLife’s weight loss service has “enabled patients to obtain life changing results.” Equally, the support that Dr Mahmud provides for his patients means our team can help them to achieve their weight loss goals much more effectively.