What support can I access in the meantime?

MoreLife aim to offer all clients who were already engaged on the programme the option of continued support. This will take place either on the telephone, over email, or you may wish to continue to engage with members of your group using the Zoom Video Chat app. We understand that this is not a suitable option for all, and we will also respect your decision if you wish to wait until face to face delivery begins again.

As a MoreLife client you are able to access the ‘Wellbeing Zone’. This is our interactive website that contains a wealth of information relating to healthy eating – including many healthy and nutritious recipes to try, nutritional advice and support with physical activity.

Over the coming weeks you will also be able to access additional digital resources (even if you have not yet been allocated to a group/individual intervention). We will post links to these resources on our website as soon as they become available.

If you were waiting to start a group or intervention, we are working to make groups available online as interactive sessions via Zoom Video Chat. We are starting these from mid-April onwards, and we will make contact with you to invite you to be part of these. Please note – we will do this in order of when your group was due to start, to ensure that it is fair for those clients who were due to start groups sooner, so please bear with us as we work through all clients in this situation.

You are also able to access MoreLife’s ‘Wellbeing Zone’ – if you want to get access to this resource, please email GM-SAWMS@more-life.co.uk or call 0161 511 0300 and once we’ve confirmed that you are registered on our service, we will give you access.