I am waiting to be referred for bariatric surgery – how will this time away impact my referral?

As a direct result of the COVID-19 crisis, and the need to release NHS beds, Salford Royal Foundation Trust (SRFT) are not performing any elective surgeries (including bariatric surgeries) until further notice. This is with the exception of those requiring bariatric surgery prior to other urgent life-saving procedures. SRFT are not able to provide timescales for the resumption of elective surgeries, but it is likely to be at least 6 months and potentially longer, at which point there will be a significant backlog of cases.

For those working towards a bariatric surgery referral, we understand that the delay for surgery may be very upsetting. However, your time away from MoreLife face to face delivery will not mean that you have to wait longer before we will consider making your referral. MoreLife will continue to refer clients who are appropriate for surgery during this time, following our standard clinical protocols, to ensure that all clients are treated equally when surgery does resume. We aim to conduct bariatric reviews by telephone / Zoom to avoid further delay.

SRFT have also cancelled their bariatric information sessions for the foreseeable future. We are therefore hoping to provide MoreLife clients with some additional online bariatric support and information sessions for patients who have been referred but are still awaiting surgery. We will communicate directly to clients about this once this option is in place.