MoreLife has gone through a significant transition over the last 6 months. As well as some changes to management in the Leeds office, there has been a sizeable shift in terms of new opportunities for public sector contracts all of which has kept us rather busy!

As a business, we have enjoyed significant success over the last few months, such as…

  • Securing Development support for our Data Systems from OneLife Suffolk
  • Achieving Tier 3 support for children in Suffolk
  • Winning the contract for Tier 3 Adults in Greater Manchester
  • Launching our Tier 2 service in Bedford
  • Hosting a visit from Amsterdam in Suffolk – where there was recognition of the parity between OneLife and the Amsterdam model
  • The launch of PHE/LBU/MoreLife Whole Systems Approach to Obesity
  • Enhancing our digital services e.g. New OneLife Suffolk Website and Wellbeing Zone
Paul Gately

Achievements such as those detailed above are testament to the amazing people that make up our MoreLife and OneLife teams. The passion and commitment our people have is evident every day and it makes leading this company truly rewarding. Thank you to everyone for making MoreLife a company of which we can all be proud.


Over the last few months I have been listening to your feedback and taking time to consider the best way to move forward, in response to your needs, and to aide our continued success.

One of the first requirements is to make some changes to the roles in the Central Support Team in the Leeds Office.

I have been delighted by the performance of the team, the fit and the strong team approach that has been demonstrated by all colleagues including those on interim contracts. It is now important to transition these colleagues to permanent contracts that reflect their important contributions to our priorities.

The Central Support team in Leeds has therefore been restructured. The decision making process for this has been guided by several important considerations including:

• Building capability and capacity for growth. It’s important that we address the potential capacity and capability issues and reflect our vision for growth and the new contracts we have taken on recently.

• Our plans to increasingly devolve responsibility and move our culture towards a collaborative approach will require a different mix of staff working centrally to support the contracts.

• Moving from silos and strong hierarchy to collaborative working. To improve efficacy, and unlock talent at all levels we believe we need to shift from a strongly hierarchical way of working to one which uses a cross-functional approach. We want to see a culture where knowledge, expertise and best practice can be shared openly at all levels and across all areas of the business.


1. Liz Locke will take on a role as Head of Commercial – a leadership role covering: leadership on Marketing and Comms, senior level account management, business development, partnerships and ensuring the commercial utilisation of MoreLife assets.

2. Katherine Sage will take on a permanent HR Manager role combined with the role of Company Secretary who will oversee business governance, meetings and support of the board meeting and activities.

3. Paul Horsfall will take on a permanent Finance Manager role.

4. Helen Lumb has joined us on a temporary basis to assist Paul Horsfall with finance admin.

5. Rob Johnson has also joined MoreLife as Interim Mobilisation Manager to help us meet the demands of mobilising our new Tier 3 service in Greater Manchester.

The rest of the team – Kathryn Rushton, Dr Sophie Edwards, Caroline Marshall, Vicky Moon and myself – will be continuing in their current roles.


We’ll be busy recruiting over the next few months to fill some additional roles in the new structure:

Marketing Manager – with Liz moving to a more commercially focused role, we will require additional support for marketing and comms. The investment in digital systems will also need support for content generation, so we will recruit for a Marketing Manager to support this alongside the new Marketing Manager in Suffolk.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) – to deliver the data system development work, we plan to invest in an internal data team. There will be a leadership role (CTO) and 2 system engineers.

System Engineer x 2 – to build and deliver our tailor made data systems under the guidance of the CTO.

Finance, HR and Governance Administrator – reporting to Katherine Sage.

And finally, sadly James Roast and Natalie Cudworth have recently said farewell to MoreLife to pursue other opportunities. We wish them both well and will recruit for their roles over the coming weeks.

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