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 The bottlecoolerpenholder is a new way of remembering to guzzle lots of lovely water! Drinking water helps you to think clearly, and keeps you healthy, so it's really important to drink enough of it. The bottlecoolerpenholder prompts you to have a bottle of water in front of you at your desk. It is made from thermally insulating neoprene and is a wet-suit style jacket for bottles that will keep water cool, as well as store pens and pencils needed during the day. It is stretchy enough to fit over all standard 500ml water bottles.


• Aids concentration since 2% dehydration leads to a 20% drop in concentration*
• Keeps water and stationery together on desk : acts as a reminder to drink regularly
• Holds pens and pencils needed in lessons
• Helps encourage reuse of waterbottles
• Thermally insulating neoprene keeps the water cool
• Name tag on the inside of the handle
• Dimensions: approximately 20mm x 10mm HxW
• Capacity: 500ml bottles
• Material: neoprene (the same material used to make wetsuits)
• Available in: red, pink, camouflage

*World Health Organisation


Price: £4.99

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