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Business Consultancy

Business Consultancy

MoreLife have global expertise in designing, planning, delivering and evaluating weight management programmes that ensure effective and sustainable behavioural change. Alongside our workplace programmes, we also offer strategic and technical consultancy support to organisations to address weight management, obesity, physical activity, diet and behaviour change with young people and adults. This is often the basis of a partnership to work together with clients, staff and stakeholders. Example projects include:

  • McDonalds – Professor Paul Gately – global advisory council role since 2003 delivering:
    • Removal of trans fats from menus
    • Reduction in calories, salt and fat across menu
    • Wider range of healthy choices – 95% Happy Meals include fruit and veg options
    • Portion size evaluation and reduction
    • National communications and campaigns to children on nutrition and active lifestyles

  • Sheffield Change4Life programme
    • Designed, delivered and evaluated this corporate workplace weight management programme
    • Partners included Otokompu, Balfour Beatty, Sheffield Forgemasters and Sheffield City Council

  • Coventry City Council
    • Academic consultancy with Leeds Metropolitan University
    • Undertook full review of weight management pathway
    • Stakeholder led re-design of pathway and implementation plan produced

  • British Heart Foundation
    • Academic consultancy with Leeds Metropolitan University
    • Evaluation of the national “Hearty Lives” project
    • Assessment of effectiveness, sustainability and ROI of 5 children’s health risks projects for BHF over this 3 year programme.



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