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Commissioning MoreLife Services

Tier 3 Children's Services

MoreLife can offer Tier 3 services for children throughout the UK. Our specialist teams have considerable experience in dealing with a wide range of complex needs in both a residential setting and as part of a family intervention. Find out more about the programmes we currently offer below.

MoreLife Residential Summer Camp - Tier 3 / Tier 4

Since 1999 MoreLife has delivered the most effective child weight management programme in the UK.

This intensive intervention provides specialised support and advice to obese young people over a 2 - 5 week course. The programme helps them to develop the knowledge, skills and strategies to lose weight and keep it off.

About Camp

MoreLife Camp is a fun, active and educational residential weight-loss programme. Through exercise and lifestyle sessions, children are encouraged to set and monitor their own individual goals.

The Camp staff specialise in various areas of weight management, from healthy eathing, physical education and exercise science, to nutrition and child development.

We have a dedicated psychologist to work with the campers, addressing psychological issues to tackle some of the root causes of obesity.

MoreLife Camp is not about dieting. Each child is given a meal plan by a qualified dietician to ensure they are given the right amount of food based on their individual nutritional needs.

To achieve long lasting success, we recognise that ongoing family support is critical to achieving lasting success. Parent and family workshops are an essential part of the programme and are held on arrival and at key milestones during Camp.

MoreLife employs a dedicated Camp follow-on support officer to work with families to maintain lifestyle change once they have completed the Camp programme, regularly speaking with ex-campers, and running informative online seminars for parents.

All campers receive three months of follow-up support via phone, text and email, plus ongoing access to MoreLife Online, our web-based weight management system.

Camp outcomes

The Camp programme has shown outstanding results, both in terms of weight loss and an improvement in general wellbeing. On average, giving the following clinical outcomes:

  • 2kgs of weight loss per week
  • 0.5 reduction in BMI per week
  • 5% reduction of body fat
  • 100% of weight loss is due to fat loss
  • 17% in total cholesterol
  • 28% reduction in LDL cholesterol
  • 20% increase in self-esteem
  • 20% increase in fitness level
  • 96% of campers lose more weight or maintain their weight loss after 3 years

Children's Specialist Weight Management

Our specialist service takes a holistic approach to weight management. The programme consists of a mixture of 1:1 sessions and group meetings over a 3-month period. Our teams create personalised journeys for each family that result in long-term lifestyle change.

Our Specialist Weight Management Service includes support for a full 12 months for young people and their families. Our trained staff will make home visits at 6 and 12 months to help families continue with their weight-loss journey long-term and overcome any challenges that they're facing in their new, healthier lifestyle.

They'll also receive access to MoreLife Online, including our exclusive 12-week refresher course. There are tools for setting goals and monitoring activity and eating behaviours, as well as a panel of experts who are on hand to answer questions and advise on the best ways to stay healthy.

Our professional team is made up of a range of health experts including:

  • Dieticians
  • Psychologists
  • Activity coaches
  • Lifestyle coaches

Our team work with families throughout their journeys to help them stay on track with their lifestyle changes and face any challenges along the way.

Our method is founded on a wealth of research, years of experience and real compassion; creating a tailored approach to each family's weight management and health improvement needs.

Club outcomes

MoreLife Club participants have been shown to achieve on average:

  • Maintained stable body mass
  • 2% reduction in body fat
  • 20% improvement in fitness
  • 10% increase in global self-worth
  • 0.36 (12%) overall reduction in BMI SDS

Parents attending the course with their children also benefit, achieving a significant reduction in body mass, 5cm reduction in waist circumference and 20% improvement in level of fitness.

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